At Hudson Commercial Real Estate, our goal is to provide you with the leading edge – empowering you with more choices, market knowledge, and superb execution in real estate. We maintain an extensive, independent database of properties and companies in the Hudson Valley. We are always researching in the field.

Greater choice increases the probability of finding the best possible match for your needs. Aware of properties that are not publicly-listed or formally on the market, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your real estate goals.

Through in-depth research and analysis – and decades of analyzing real estate values – we are experts at helping you evaluate your real estate needs and delivering a successful outcome.

A service-driven business, Hudson Commercial Real Estate is obsessed with executing your goals with excellence, accuracy and attention.

Sam Finnerman

Licensed Commercial Real Estate Broker


Although I have been in the commercial real estate field for over 44 years, my passion for the work of mastering the craft of real estate brokerage and real estate investing is ever increasing. I am driven by a keen..

Adriaan Finnerman

Business Manager