Sam Finnerman

Licensed Commercial Real Estate Broker


Although I have been in the commercial real estate field for over 44 years, my passion for the work of mastering the craft of real estate brokerage and real estate investing is ever increasing. I am driven by a keen desire for excellence and service as expressed through our real estate work with clients, whether they are tenants, buyers, landlords or sellers. My direct responsibility is to engage and service our clients, offering a multidimensional perspective, honed from years of experience, training and accumulated knowledge. I oversee all phases of our transactions to bring about successfully fulfilled missions. In regards to non-work activity, I have a disciplined exercise practice at the health club that includes aerobics, weights, as well as jogging, bicycling and occasional hikes in the gorgeous Hudson Valley. Whenever I am not engaged in these activities, I read and study as much as I can. The single most important non-work involvement is with my wife and two sons, friends and community.


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